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Getting your licence is a very exciting and important part of your life.

It can be very expensive when it comes to driving lessons.

iDrive Learner Training provides a new model automatic car with all safety features for all your lesson needs, also won't be charged a fee more than the regional market. Please consider the current economic situations which includes higher inflation which affected all of us.

DriveSafe NT approved 
DriveSafe NT is a  Northern Territory Government Driver Education and Licensing Program that is available to any Territory resident over the age of 16 


The beginner package consists of 23 competency lessons to learn from how to drive until you get ready for the assessment. The learner may complete all these skill levels in 12 -13 hours of driving lessons depending on the learner’s skills and ability. You must have your learner’s license from MVR (Motor Vehicle Registry-NT). You will get more information about how to get your license from NT website.

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